The makover of the second-handed app

This is a project I did with a team for the Craigslist website. We made the UX process and the redesign. Craigslist became a mobile app that was modern and according to the users' needs.

Main Objective

Redesign the Craigslist website according to the users' needs to increase the number of new users and the customer satisfaction score.

  • Redesign the app based on insights and user perception.

  • Make a new user flow to allow making better buy decisions.

  • Correct all the design failures the website has to make it more intuitive.

  • UX Researcher

  • UX Designer

  • UI Designer

My Process


Heuristic evaluation

We started inspecting the usability of Craigslist, with the heuristic evaluation. We found out that the principal aspect is that it doesn’t show any error prevention or state to recover from it. Also, it has a lot of elements that make the user think more, it looks saturated and for that reason it’s confusing.

So we worked on these main aspects that make users abandon the website.



We made six interviews with people that liked to buy second handed products online. We needed to understand their mental models and their perspectives or motivations. The main insights are:

  • Communication was the key for them to decide whether to buy or not.

  • They appreciate multimedia files (videos, gifs...) of the products where they can see it in detail and be more confident with the sale.‍

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We created two personas
  • Mateo who is very passionate about technology. He likes to collect or resell technological objects. He needs to make sure the product is the same that the seller shows and it has the best price for him.

  • Cata who is very artistic. She buys these products because they are cheaper and let her improve her abilities. She likes to talk with the seller so she can guarantee the product of the state.

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Make the ideas flow

To ideate our solution, we made a content briefing to discover the best way to communicate with users and take them until the last stage of the purchases.

We decided to:

  • Allow the users to see all the content before login in to catch their attention first.

  • Put the contact button close to the "buy" button so users can see it easily in case they have any questions.

  • Include 360° photos so users could see the product in all the angles.

  • Make the purchase process in different screens to not overload the user.


UI design time

It was time to start sketching. We decided to make a mobile app because most of our users tend to use more their cell phones to make purchases..

‍Then we made the low-fidelity sketches with Miro. With Figma, we created the style guide (colors, type fonts, grids…).

‍And finally, designed the high-fidelity prototype. You can see the video on the right side.



To make the needed iterations, we made UX testing with 6 people.

We made a short interview at first. Then, we put a context so they could make the task, and in the end, we talked about all the experiences with the prototype.

We had great reviews, during the test they didn’t do a lot of mistakes and completed the task. But, we determined some points of improvement.



After all, we can say that we achieved the goal of the project:
Redesign Craigslist according to the user's needs.

  • We solved the problem of distrust that users had by unifying the multimedia in the app.

  • We made the communication accessible by putting contact buttons on strategic screens.

  • We made a modern design that is more appealing to users.


Next steps

We took the four most important points of improvement and put them in a graphic to see the impact on the company.

Then, we noticed the urgent tasks we need to discuss with them.

  • Developing de 360° image for the product state verification.

  • We need to consider putting a chat instead of directing users to whatsapp.

  • Putting a bigger payment gateway to have more options for the users.

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